Verity Eaton

Specializes in Strength Training for Women, Weight Management and Condition management
Verity takes a person-centred and holistic approach to Personal Training. Her passion lies in helping individuals to stay happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.  Verity is flexible in her approach and understands that maintaining a healthy lifestyle with many other completing demands can be challenging.  She helps clients find sustainable strategies that fit into their lives and suit them as an individual.
Verity has the ability to support a vast array of clients towards achieving their personal goals, be that weight loss, muscle building, or condition management. Verity has specialist interest in back pain management through exercise rehabilitation as well as the use of exercise to manage mental health issues such as  stress, anxiety and depression. Verity's previous role as a Health Coach means she has significant experience working with those with mild to moderate  mental health issues as well as chronic pain and fatigue. 
Verity’s favourite part of being a Personal Trainer is seeing new clients grow and develop, attaining things they thought not possible. Teaching clients to master new skills and movements as well as change lifestyle behaviours is something that always brings  very large smile to her face.  
Verity very much ‘practices what she preaches’, with her own training currently  focused around Weightlifting (Olympic Lifting) and Crossfit. She also loves experimenting with food, creating healthy recipes and the occasional sweet treats. 
BSc Health, Exercise and Physical Activity (1st Class honours) 
Level 3 Personal Trainer 
Level 1 British Weightlifting Qualification 
Currently completing Precision Nutrition  Coach, Level 1 

Elin Newton


Elin is a Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for using exercise as a tool for positive mental health.

She has a focus on overall health and wellbeing as opposed to purely physical results like weight loss and body transformation. She believes that these are simply a by-product of exercise, and tries to encourage her clients to shift their mindsets from aesthetic transformation onto the positive physical and mental health benefits.

Elin says “I think that exercise is one of the highest forms of self-care. For me, feeling like I am getting stronger not only makes me feel like a bad-ass, but makes me feel so happy and confident in my own body. Most importantly, it helps me clear my head and deal better with the stresses of daily life. I myself have been sucked into the trap of exercising purely for aesthetics, and the truth is that I was never satisfied. Now I exercise because I love how it feels to get stronger, fitter and more flexible. My mission is to steer people away from diet culture and towards joyful movement!”

Elin is planning to team up with Verity to run some projects for those suffering with mental illnesses in the community. They want to create a safe space where people can learn new skills, do something for themselves and most of all have a good time meeting likeminded individuals.


  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • The Training Room Certificate in Metabolic Circuit Training
  • The Training Room Certificate in Gym Based Boxing

Matt Richardson

Specializes in Weightlifting, Strength Sports, Structural rebalancing  and Movement analysis
Matt has been in the fitness industry since 2009. His main passion lies in Olympic Weightlifting. Many of his clients now actively engage in Weightlifting not only to keep fit and healthy but also because they have found a love for the movements and an intrinsic want and desire to continually progress. 
Matt has an in depth understanding of faulty movement patterns and is able to give prescriptive corrective exercises tailored to individual needs.  This integral component can sometimes be overlooked when new to exercise. This level of detail and fine tuning is appropriate for everyone, whether training a office worker training twice a week or a full time athlete.  Matt has worked with many clients with mobility issues and injuries and can help develop an individualised programme to address structural issues that you may have. 
Matt actively encourages all clients to engage in strength based training in the disciplines of Weightlifting and Powerlifting and uses appropriate programming to help clients from all backgrounds and abilities achieve their goals. Strength training can be used to achieve both athletic and aesthetic goal. Matt strongly believes everyone can always benefit from being stronger. 
His own training is currently focused on Weightlifting (Olympic Lifting) and Crossfit. 
Qualified Level 2 British Weightlifting coach                              
Level 3 Personal Trainer 
OPEX Level 1 Assessment & Programme Design
Advanced Kettlebell Instructor 
Extreme Kettlebell Instructor 
Level 1 Strength & Conditioning 
Numerous Weightlifting Certifications

Dan Bishop


Specializes in weightlifting and addressing movement dysfunction.

Dan has been in the fitness industry for 8 years. His speciality lies in weightlifting and addressing movement dysfunction. Dan is quite a perfectionist (in a good way) and takes great pleasure in helping clients learn to lift well and safely.

His attention to detail is what makes him a fantastic trainer. He is great at communicating and uses a variety of visual, verbal and kinetic coaching methods to get desired response, whether it be teaching somebody their first squat or a seasoned weightlifter fine tuning their technique.

Having had a period of time away from weightlifting due to injury, Dan has explored other areas of training within his rehabilitation program that now aid him hugely in working with clients who may be coming back from injury themselves.  He works with a wide range of clients to have varying limitations that means programming has to be fine-tuned to meet their individual goals.

His current training is focused towards correcting structural imbalances through rehabilitation and strength work. with his aim of getting back to Olympic Weightlifting.

Level 3 PT
British weightlifting level 1
Various weightlifting certificates