Training with Verity is awesome! Verity is a fantastic PT, she knows exactly what to programme for you to achieve your goals (no matter how obscure, and I have asked for obscure!)

Jo Harvey

The synergi team makes every training session unbelievably fun and enjoyable. Verity is always enthusiastic (very enthusiastic!!) supportive and you can’t help but look forward to having training with.

Kelly Philips

Dan understands that it takes practice and doesn’t rush us into exercises we aren’t ready for, but still pushes us in an assured and supportive way that has us trying our best every week. He is incredibly knowledgeable and shares his skills without us feel like we are being lectured or talked down to. We always look forward to our session

Lee and Adam

I have had many PT's over the years and I have not met another trainer with such genuine passion and care combined with her knowledge.

Cathy Burman

I have had a few Coaches in the past but Dan has made me feel instantly comfortable and confident in my abilities. He is a great mentor and role model.

Kristian Richards
I have received a great amount of knowledge on fitness and nutrition and I am achieving my goal. The results speak for themselves.

Gareth Potter
If you are looking to start training but lack not only the knowledge but the confidence to do so, Matt will help you achieve your goal.

David Appleton
I cannot recommend Synergi enough. Working with Matt and Verity has been a game changer for me.

Rich Daly
I’ve found a passion for weight lifting that I never could have expected.

Kathryn Shafer
My lifts have continued to improve, and my enjoyment of weight training has only increased. I wholeheartedly recommend the Synergi team

Emma Pearce
I’m new to strength training, but I can honestly say I’m loving it. The team at Synergi especially my trainer Janine have well and truly got me hooked.

Juliet Jukes 
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, here at Synergi
we are just going far, its making a real difference.

John Hillman
Having something that more or less week on week I’m always getting that little bit better. It’s such an achievement  when you are improving and you have someone encouraging you as much as Matt does , and actually believes in your ability to do  something it even if you don’t

Rae Pass
As someone who always avoided weights, I feel in love Powerlifting.

Alison Morgan
I just love the community feel here, it’s a really friendly atmosphere.

Lea Morgan