Benefits of Online Personal Training

  1. Saves time - no travel to the gym necessary. 
  2. You receive coaching - Unlike an exercise video or live workout's, online personal training allows the trainer to check you are doing the exercises safely. The trainer can also ensure workouts are tailored to your personal fitness level and exercise experience. 
  3. You can exercise anywhere on your own - study, garden, lounge, the office. 
  4. Fits into your schedule. Early bird - No problem. Want to train on your lunch break - easy peezy, after work - consider it done. 
  5. Anyone can do it! 
  6. Gives you routine and structure 
  7. Gives you some YOU time! 
  8. It keeps you accountable
  9. Great for your mental health 
  10. It's motivating and builds your confidence before stepping into the gym
  11. Change of scene - You get to speak with a different, impartial person
  12. Growth and development. You will learn workouts that you can eventually feel confident to perform on your own.
  13. It's cheaper than regular personal training. 
  14. No need for a gym membership. 
  15. You can work on exercise and nutritional goals and have time to explore both within the space of an hour.