Resistance Training and Bone Density

It’s no surprise that resistance training can have a profound enhancement on all aspects of health. From metabolism increase and increased muscle mass, to building stronger social connections. One benefit people may often hear, and often a reason many older people partake in such activity, is its effect on bone health. Or bone density specifically. But how exactly does this work? And how can you also access such benefits for yourself? Continue reading to find out!

If you were to look at a cross section of your bone mass, you would see a structure resembling honeycomb. Just like what you would see should you bite into a Cadbury crunchie (we’re not suggesting you go and do that, health and fitness after all!) For some of us, that honeycomb is tightly packed together, meaning we have a high bone density. But as we age those bubbles increase in size and number, and as a consequence our bones weaken. You may have heard of the condition osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, well that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Before about the age of about 30, our bone density can be thought of as a piggy bank. We have the opportunity to increase our bone density at the fastest rate through exercise and a diet that supports a healthy hormone balance. After such age, all those pennies we put in begin to be taken out, and our bones begin to weaken. But don’t worry, there is hope! The good news is that resistance training can slow down the rate at which that occurs, and if done frequently enough, can even reverse the process.

Our bones contain cells called osteoblasts; they are cells that work in groups to form new bone mass called osteoid. Osteoid is made from a variety of proteins (mostly one called bone collagen) and also calcium deposits. Resistance training increases the activity of osteoblast bone making cells, and in this way has great effects on our bone density.

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