Online Personal Training FAQ's

What does a typical session look like and how long does it last? 

Sessions take place on a day and time that's convenient to you and are held using a video conferencing app called “zoom”. It’s free to download, check it out here. 

Video calls allow for us to actually see you move and make sure you are performing movements correctly -  keeping you safe and well. Following online workouts are great, however don't offer the level of feedback you will get from an online personal training session. We demonstrate all the movements and offer feedback, advice and encouragement throughout the session. Exercises and workouts will be fully tailored to you as an individual taking into consideration your exercise experience, age, fitness level and goals. The exercise intensity will be closely monitored to make sure workouts are challenging but don't leave you feeling exhausted. We take things slow and build up at an intensity that suits you. 

 A typical session will involve a 10-minute mobility warm-up, 40 minutes of bodyweight exercises and 10 minutes of core-focused exercises. 


I haven’t got much room to work out in my house, how much space do I need? 

You don’t need much space at all. Lie down on the floor and make a starfish shape. If you have that much room that’s all we need. Any more is a bonus. 


I don’t have any gym equipment, is it still possible to achieve my goals?

It’s amazing what you can do with your own body weight. Even when we are in the gym we start by making sure you can move your body safely, before we add any weights. We use HITT style workouts and also different methods to make exercises harder and easier, so we don’t need to add weight anytime soon. We can advise you on the best home exercise kit to buy should you get the bug. 


I want to work out on my own too, can you help,? 

Yes, we can write you a home exercise plan for you to follow in your own time. You can refer to our exercise catalogue and YouTube channel to remind you of exercises should you forget how to perform them. 


How much does it cost? 

Sessions are £30 per hour. We often have promotions and offers running, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels.


Can I transfer to face to face Personal Training if I wanted to? 

Of course! With government restrictions due to COVID- 19 all personal training is online, but as soon as we are able to work on a face to face level we will be doing so again. 


I really want to be trained by a woman, do you have female personal trainers

We do! We have 2 female personal trainers, Elin and Verity. Whether you are a lady looking to learn to lift or a woman looking to lose weight, both Elin and Verity specialise in exercise and nutrition for women.  


I have a friend that interested, do you offer group online personal training sessions? 

Yes, we do! All we need to do is decide upon a day and a time that works for you both and you can share the cost of the session. We also offer group personal training on a face to face level too. 


Can my kids get involved too, or other members of my family? 

Yes of course! More the merrier! We work with children as young as 4 to adults in their 80s!


I want to lose weight, can you help with my diet too?

Yes, definitely. We offer nutritional coaching sessions and personalised nutrition plans. too. You can use the hour as you wish and can focus on the areas of health you would most like support with - strength, fitness and stamina, weight loss, diet/ nutrition - or a combo of everything. 


I’m really looking for an Online Personal Trainer in Cardiff, where are you based? 

We are normally based just off of Newport Road on Colchester Avenue in Cardiff, CF23 9AP. We are based out of SYNERGI Weightlifting Club - Once lockdown has lifted we will be offering face to face PT again along with gym membership and strength classes. But for now, everything is staying online, and will likely to continue working this way long term.